Puerto Penasco Condo
Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, also known as Rocky Point  is the ultimate beach bargain,
and we found the
ultimate beach.. Puerto Penasco condo, It's closer than San Diego,
it's cheaper, and it's a lot less crowded. The beaches are clean, the water is crystal
clear, the air is fresh and clean!! The best Puerto Penasco condos are on Sandy Beach!

One of my most treasured memories from Puerto Penasco, was when we arrived at the
Puerto Penasco Condo on Aug 23rd, 2002. My family and I were so excited to  be at
the beach,  at the
Puerto Penasco Condo, We went out on to the Puerto Penasco
condo patio, and there it was, the ocean. Sandy Beach and the Sea of Cortez, just a
stones throw from the Puerto Penasco condo Patio, we just had to go to the water, it
was around 9 at night, there was a full moon and so we did.

The air was warm, the water was warm, there were so many stars and a full moon. As
my family and I walked down the sand and into the Sea of Cortez, we could hardly feel
a difference in water and air temperature, it was beautiful. We waded into the water,
hearing the gentle waves lapping on the shore, with all of our clothes on, there we were
in the water, clothes and all waist deep, it was just that beautiful. The water was so
clear, we looked down at our feet and through the crystal clear water, by the light of
the moon we could see our toes, each kernel of  sand on the sea bed and our feet by
the light of the moon we could see every ripple in the sand on the oceans floor. It was
magical. Talk about some Natural Stress Relief!

Come to Puerto Penasco, throw open the windows, breathe the fresh salt air, and relax
seaside in your beach chair with a cold drink in your hand. Relax, forget about your
worries and getaway from it all.  And to think, you can take advantage of all this natural
stress relief  just by taking a short drive south.

The Sea of Cortez is one of the most beautiful places on earth, from the abundance of
sea life to the clarity of the waters, the Sea of Cortez is host to amazing fishing, scuba
diving, beautiful views, and more. Legendary diver Jacques Cousteau once described
the Sea of Cortez as the "world's aquarium" and the "Galapagos of North America".

The area around Rocky Point is the 3rd largest protected area on earth! With the
Organ Pipe National Monument to the North, the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve, in
Mexico and the upper Sea of Cortez is protected, the area around Puerto Penasco /
Rocky Point remains mostly untouched by human hands or development.

If you live in the South West, and love the Beach, this is the place to go!

Rocky Point is a great driving destination for travelers from the Southwest United
States. Located 60 miles south of the US /  Mexico Border, is just a 3.5 hour drive
from Phoenix, or Tucson.

Distance to Rocky Point  You can see a
map for directions to Rocky Point here!

Los Angeles .......... 550 miles
Lukeville, AZ ........ 68 miles
Phoenix …............. 215 miles
San Diego, CA ........ 445 miles
Tucson, AZ ........... 216 miles
Yuma, AZ ............. 271 miles

People who have never been to the beach town, also known as Rocky Point, may be
apprehensive because they don't know how to travel into Mexico or how to
find Puerto
Penasco condo accommodations. It's less complicated than you think.

For starters, no special car permits are needed because Rocky Point lies within the
Mexican free-trade zone. It's also in Sonora state, which features a program called
"Only Sonora." According to AAA Arizona, this program exempts visitors who stay
fewer than 72 hours in Rocky Point from the vehicle fees and deposits that would be
required if they ventured farther south.
What you'll need
  • Mexican auto insurance.
  • Passport
  • Tourist visa, if staying more than three days.
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Puerto Penasco is nestled in the desert right on the Sea of Cortes, also called the Gulf
of California, tourists on all budgets enjoy Rocky Point's sandy beaches, one of our
Puerto Penasco condos is at the Sonoran Sun Resort.

Water sports, fishing, the unique atmosphere, there are so many things to see and do in
Rocky Point / Puerto Penasco not to mention the expansive sunsets of the Sea of


Puerto Peñasco could have been an Arizona seaport.

The United States Congress paid $10 million for the territory that now makes up the
southern portions of New Mexico and Arizona, in a deal known as the Gadsden
Purchase. One of the original plans of the Purchase included the northern Baja seaport
as part of Arizona, but negotiations between the two countries eventually pared it down
to the state's present-day borders.

Rocky Point was long a sleepy fishing village, not discovered in a big way by tourists
until the '50s as a quick beach getaway by car. Fishing and tourism remain Rocky
Point's most important industries.
Rocky Point is the closest beach getaway for most folks in the South Western United States and while Puerto Penasco
has been a popular vacation spot for decades, only recently has Puerto Penasco come into its own as a resort town.
Getting there

From Phoenix - Go west on 1-10 to Arizona 85. Drive south on 85 toward Gila Bend,
and continue on Arizona 85 south toward Ajo and to the border town of Lukeville.
Crossing the border at Lukeville, continue south into Sonoita. Stay in the right lane and
follow the signs directing you to Puerto Peñasco. From here, it's another 50 miles on
Mexican Highway 8.
From So.Cal, Mexico Route, From Yuma, From Tucson

Driving tips
U.S. driver's licenses are valid in Mexico.
Mexican auto insurance is required, and can be purchased in the border town of
Lukeville, or prior to your trip in Phoenix or Tucson.
Natural stress relief is just 3.5 hours away!
Swimming, snorkeling,
SCUBA diving, water skiing,
para sailing and other water
sports can be enjoyed
virtually all year long, not to
mention the wonderful
fishing. Shopping abounds
and the cuisine is unrivalled
anywhere in Mexico.
Sonoran Sun Patio View
Puerto Penasco Condo View at sun set
Puerto Penasco Condo Beach
Sonoran Sun Resort
Sandy Beach Puerto Penasco
Rocky Point Sun Set
Shopping in Puerto Penasco is FUN!
Rocky Point Shopping
Sonoran Sun Resort
Puerto Penasco Condos View
Sandy Beach Sun set
Family Fun in Puerto Penasco Mexico
Puerto Penasco Condo View
Puerto Penasco Condo Beach
Puerto Penasco Condo from Ultra Light Flight!
Puerto Penasco Sun Set Cruise!
Puerto Penasco Sun Set at the condo!
Puerto Penasco Condo Beach Party!
Puerto Penasco Condo Patio View!
Puerto Penasco Family Fun!
ATV Family Fun in Cholla Bay
Sonoran Sun Resort Beach
Rocky Point Sun Set
Sunsets are magnificent, unsurpassed anywhere in
the world ~
Come spend a week in Paradise!