Complete step by step travel agent guide
Step by step easy to follow instructions for you to start, build and sustain a successful online travel business.
Table of Contents

  1. Introduction,       
  2. Becoming A Travel Agent:        
  3. Home-Based Independent  Travel Agents        
  4. Starting your home- based travel business
  5. Lets get Started      
  6. Advertising and Making Money        
  7. Agent Quick Start Strategy:        
  8. Words that Sell:        
  9. Marketing on a Budget        
  10. Booking Travel         
  11. Travel Supplier Access         
  12. Travel web site web page         
  13. Recap Let's Make sure your on track         
My Dream:

For years I wanted to make an income, that would allow me to work from anywhere, and I wanted people to
send me money in the mail. That was my goal.  I never imagined it would be via the internet and email!

In 2000 I got my first computer, and I am not sure how it came to be, some how I stumbled upon selling travel
on the internet. I love to travel, and this met my dream of being able to work from anywhere I could access a
computer. Imagine that! Work from anywhere!

I still remember the “Blue Screen” it gave me night mares! I was lucky to be able to turn on the computer, let
alone build a web site or even post an ad. I struggled through got myself onto the web, and advertised
travel. Trips to places I wanted to go, and I will also never forget, that first few months, wondering if I would
ever figure out how to get this all to work.

So I got the computer in June, worked on building my web site, and in January I went to Puerto Vallarta for
one week. I love Puerto Vallarta if you have not been there, you should go! Any way, I get home from a week
on the beach; check my email and I could hardly believe my eyes. I made $350.00 from my web site while I
was in Puerto Vallarta having the time of my life, as you can imagine that really got me going.

My web site, knowledge and income grew, I was able to work from home, take care of my children, I worked
while they were in school, and I can not even begin to explain to you the thrill of checking the email with my
morning coffee to see how much money came in while I was sleeping!

I was able to build my online travel business so that it generated enough income that when my husband was
injured and could not work my web site supported my family. How cool is that!

Then a few years ago, my girlfriend and I went with another friend to one of those home parties, where some
one is selling something. You’ve been there I am sure. This particular home party was for a travel business. I
listened, kept my mouth shut, I did not say a word and could not believe my ears. It seemed to me, they were
not exactly selling a travel business; rather, they wanted you to sign up more people to buy into their system
to the tune of $995.00 a pop.  

My girl friend was very impressed, and wanted to start selling travel, and she would have singed up with
these people right then and there had she had $995.00. But she did not have 995.00. Let me tell you just a
little about my girlfriend, married for 25 years, stay at home mom, no work experience in 25 years and in the
middle of an ugly divorce.  

Can you imagine what happened next? It only took me about two seconds to let my girlfriend know she could
do this without the $995.00, with me. What happened next is that I was answering questions for my girlfriend
every day. I needed to have the answers to her questions some place she could get the information when I
was not available.  

I began writing an online manual for her, and each time she would ask me a question, I would answer it in the
online manual, so she could reference the information she needed to generate an income.

Then one day I realized there must be so many more people in the same place as my girlfriend, no work
experience, stay at home moms, retired folks, students or the unemployed looking for some extra income,
and as the economy got worse I figured that I really need to share this information so others can have the
opportunity to make money from home, at their own pace, and be able to generate an income.

This online agent manual has everything you need to book travel and earn commissions, but it also has so
much more because I really wanted to give the opportunity to earn money to my girlfriend.

You will find all sorts of information about making money, marketing, Search Engine Optimization, web site
building resources, how to sell on ebay, sources for whole sale products to sell, tax information, how to run a
business, grant information, resources for free things, on line travel agent training courses, and basically
every thing I have spent count less hours learning since the days of the “Blue Screen” back in 2000.

The point I want you to understand, is that it is possible for you to generate an income from your home. You
can build an online empire. You can generate income, regardless of your experience.

As you now know I started knowing NOTHING about computers, or being a travel agent for that matter, and
not to toot my own horn, but I have been able to travel to places I have always dreamed of, and I have been
able to take my family on some awesome trips, support my family, purchase several income properties and
two beach front condo’s in cash!!

I am here to help you start generating your own income from home, I am giving you all the resources and
information you need and I know you can do this.  You can make a difference in the way you live your life.  
The internet is a powerful tool; it has made a lot of people a ton of money.

You can do this!  I know you can! It's In You To Succeed! So let’s get started! Click the buy now button now!
A complete guide book for learning travel agent business