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Do you know the only
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Top 10 reasons why you
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    MONEY BY booking travel
  • Hotel accommodations
    savings of up to 80%
  • Car Rental saving of 20 to
    50% off
  • Cruises as low as $ 20.00 per
  • Free admission to Theme
    parks and attractions
  • Free up grades
  • Save up to 75% on Tours
  • Take exciting FAM trips!
  • Make up to 100%
    Commissions when booking
    family and friends
  • Best home based business on
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Secrets to making money from home
This home based business opportunity is like any business except you’re working out your home which saves you on the cost of an office or store, and you will be working for yourself and
not by yourself. If you wanted to start a Mc Donald’s in your neighborhood, would you be able to do it for free? Probably not!

You are receiving our full office support staff, full access to years of travel industry contacts, suppliers, use of our agency and industry numbers, our unique industry identifier, we will be
your host agency. Not to mention starting your home-based travel agent business can be somewhat overwhelming, as there are many aspects to consider and even more to comply with,
and we've got you covered.

We offer you everything that you need to start, operate and enjoy your new travel business. The American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) recognizes that home-based travel agents are
the wave of the future!

With Net Travel Ease as your host agency you’ll have everything you need to achieve your personal and financial goals, and you will enjoy the highest commissions in the industry! We
are committed to working with you, after all Your success is our success!
Easy! Become an agent with Net Travel Ease, you will be selling travel from your home, on a full or part time basis, through our agency. You will Get Instant access to our
agent only website, dedicated to helping you sell travel. Training videos, news, marketing tips, how to get leads today and more are available to you online, anytime, at your
Net Travel Ease represents an opportunity for anyone...college students, stay–at–home parents, entrepreneurs, busy executives, seniors. Look at this as a home–based
business or a new hobby.

Independent Agents can immediately earn additional income...and travel more. You work for yourself, but not by yourself, because we give our agents complete support.
Turn your love for travel into an exciting new career as a home-based travel agent.

We believe that you need all the tools and support available to you from your very first day. That's why our system includes absolutely everything you need to succeed, after
all your success is our success!
You are on your way to becoming an independent agent with
Net Travel Ease.
I am ready to start, how is it possible to become a travel agent overnight without getting a lot of expensive training?
The secret is to become an independent contractor for an established travel agency. By doing this now, you will be using all of our agency information, contacts, suppliers
and industry identifiers and you will earn as you learn. An independent contractor, is a person that performs a task for someone else on a contractual basis and not as an
employee. Independent contractors work where, when and how they choose. Nobody tells them what order to do the job in, what hours to work, or when they can take a day


They're people just like you who book travel for family, friends, business associates—even their own business and leisure travel—with our state–of–the–art online
reservation systems. Arrangements are confirmed instantly. And you receive commissions on every thing you book. The Internal Revenue Service states that a self-
employed person is anyone who carries on a business as either a sole proprietorship or as an independent contractor, by becoming a travel agent now, as an independent
contractor you are someone who is  in business for himself.
E&O Insurance ~ When choosing your agent program, you will want to read about errors and omissions, required for Free Agents, 129.00 per yr.

What does the insurance cover and should I get my own?  When adding insurance to your agent  program, as our independent contractor, you are covered, when
working as an agent with us. But if you do anything separately or collect money payable to your agency ie Joes travel service, you need to get your own coverage. We
would recommend talking to whoever you have insurance with for your home/auto and see if they can offer you some type of business insurance.

    E&O insurance coverage would be for MAJOR issues like lawsuits since it has a high deductible. Agents need to be careful and go over  dates with clients  to
    make sure the client approves.

    Mistakes happen. And if it is a major mistake on your part, you will want to have E&O insurance. Paying to fix something for a client is
    something an agent must accept responsibility for because you are starting a business. And in business, things happen. We do recommend new Elite agents also
    add  E&O insurance to the agent program  in the event of major mistakes or law suites happen.   
Am I an employee?

No, you are not an employee. You are an independent contractor and as such running  your own business as an independent contractor with Net Travel Ease. Your clients
remain your clients, your working when and where you like, as much or as little as you like. You will be using our travel associations, ids (IATAN and CLIA) to make your
clients bookings. You will be working for yourself and not by yourself.
Commission split?

With our Standard Agent commission you will always make 75% of what the agency is paid, and up to 90% Highest commission levels in the industry! Start today!

Here is an example of earnings. A Cruise Line booking for a cruise with a base fare of $2000 (base fare means before taxes and non commissionable items)

Net Travel Ease  will earn 16% of that. So $320.00. You earn 75% of all commissions you bring in. You would get $240.00 for that booking. It does not cost the client
anymore money to use you. They would have paid $2000 or more going through the cruise line directly.

Suppliers pay any where from 10 to 18% and most are at 10% also some suppliers deal exclusively with agents. They will not deal with the public. So to get those suppliers'
prices, the client must go through a travel agency.
Common Questions
What can I book?

Hotels, rental cars, train tickets, airline tickets, cruises, tours, Disney World passes, and other attractions. Anything that offers agents commission. If the supplier does not
offer commission you can choose to charge your client a service fee for your time and work. You will find a full list of suppliers in your online agent only web site. Complete
with passwords, log in's and any other information needed to make your clients booking.
How will I book trips?

There is no one way to make bookings. Each supplier is different. Many times you will book online. But there will be times where you need to call a supplier to make a

Some suppliers pay higher commissions if you book online, but there will be times that a supplier either does not offer online booking or you just need to speak to a human

We don't have one website where you can book everything because there is no such thing. Any agency that tells you there is a computer system that allows you to make
bookings with all suppliers, is not offering all the options for your bookings.

Your Supplier page and Booking page of the online agent manual have all the information and access codes you need to book your clients travel.
Without an IATAN card, how do I make bookings?

An IATAN card is not what is used for making bookings. You use an IATAN number which is what Net Travel Ease has, or you use an account number a supplier has given
to Net Travel Ease. You will be booking reservations using our industry numbers, IATAN number, or account number.

We are giving you our confidential travel agency information, contacts, and access to our accounts, IATAN cards are for travel agent identification and most
often used for fam trips or other special travel agent events. They are not used for making bookings. You can learn more about travel agent ID cards in the ID section of your
online agent manual.
How many hours do I have to work?

This is totally up to you. It is YOUR business and you get to choose when you work. You
do need you to check your email regularly though. This is important because we send
all updates, messages and other important information via email. Some agents work
full time, others work part time. Many of our agents have full time jobs outside the home
too. You decide on your schedule. We have some stay at home moms who only work
late at night after the children are in bed. You can do most of  your things online.
When will I be paid?

You will be paid when we receive payment from the travel supplier, generally the cruise lines pay after your clients travel is completed (the customer returns home from the
trip) and the company (Supplier) sends the commission check we will do the accounting, and send your portion to you. Say a person goes on a cruise and the cruise is over
July 18. Usually by August 18 the cruise line will have mailed the commission check.

You are paid 75% of the agency commission, or 50% if you are a Free Agent. Commission is paid after the person has returned and after the payment has been received,
cleared the bank and gone through our booking system. All suppliers pay at different times. Some are quick, while others can take awhile. It is not uncommon for us to get a
check 2 months after a trip is completed. When you make your clients reservation you will ask when to expect your commission, and keep record of this with your booking
information. This is why it is important for you to keep track of all your bookings and when to expect commission for them. You will keep track of  this on the Calender
included with your Net Travel Ease mail account.

Each month we will pay what has cleared bookkeeping. If you are waiting on a commission, you can contact the supplier directly to find out when the commission is to be
paid. You will also need to follow booking instructions in the manual to be paid, your commissions.
Become a Travel  
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No matter what the economic
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Can I really Travel and Cruise for Free?

Yes you can, and we are going to show you how to travel the world for FREE! You will be able to visit Alaska, The Caribbean, Mexico, The Far East, Europe, and more. We
are the only business that encourages you to take vacations. What do we expect? When you cruise or travel for FREE it is expected that you will.....eat too much, over
spend your budget, sample each lounge for what it has to offer, dance the night away, lounge by the pool, see things you've never seen before, and most of all, just let loose
and have a good time! Travel is both a business and a Lifestyle!

So if you're ready to embark upon an exciting career, work from home, travel for free join our team now!
Are you retired?

Perfect. Not only do you have the time to devote to learning how to become a travel agent, but you are part of the largest and fastest growing market for leisure travel. You
can make a handsome income and enjoy some wonderful travel benefits, by helping folks just like yourself get great travel deals
Are You Home With The Kids?

Become a travel agent and make extra money at the same time you're burping and diapering. Much of your business with customers can be conducted on the
phone. You can use baby's nap time to get on the phone and call the travel suppliers. It's a perfect scenario for the homemaker or househusband.
Are You Booking Your Own Travel On The Web?

If you are already doing the work of a independent home-based travel agent, why not get paid for it. join our team now!

Do You Need a Flexible Schedule?

By becoming a home-based travel agent and owning an online travel agency business allows you to set your own hours. You can have the freedom to work full-time one
week and scale back the next. Whatever schedule works best for you, you can design a home based travel agent business to accommodate your schedule.

Need To Earn Some Extra Money!
Owning your own home based travel agent business is one of the best ways to do just that. If you're eager to start a fun, money making home business, you'll find that
owning a home based travel business can be done quickly and cheaply. In fact, most people who want to become a travel agent and take our home study course are so
excited that they start their home based travel agent business even before they've finished the course! It's that easy to get started.

How do I make money?
As you make travel bookings on behalf of your clients or yourself, our travel suppliers pay a commission on the travel sale amount.
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If you get a small group of 10
or 15 to go on a cruise with
their spouses, the commission
could be $4,000 to $6,000.

A medium group of 40 to 60
cabins can generate
commissions of $14,000. to
$27,000. per group. (this is

Large groups of 100 or more
cabins can bring in over
$45,000 in commissions per
group. (imagine doing two or
three of these each year)
Home-based businesses are
the trend of the future.

Government and industry
reports show that increasing
numbers of people are now
opting to work out of their

In fact, over 4 million
entrepreneurs are now
working at home, most of
which are in the services
industry, this includes travel.
A complete guide book for
learning travel agent business
Example Standard commission and Free Agent commission payouts
Your sister books a cruise vacation to Alaska for her family, total cruise fare for family is $3,320.00
                                                                                          NTE commission is 10%   $332.00
                                                                                   Your Agent commission 75%   $249.00
Elite Agents receive  standard commission 75%
                                                                                                                             50%   $166.00 for free agents
Net Travel Ease is Licensed, bonded professional travel agents, member IATA, CLIA, authorized to sell travel throughout the 50 United States.  
CST 2061333-50  Questions? contact Sales@nettravelease.com
How do I start running a travel agent business?
How to start a travel business
I have no experience!

If you’ve ever booked a hotel room or a cruise for yourself, you know enough to get
started. Now, there’s a lot to learn in the travel business and I don’t want to minimize
that. But selling travel is not rocket science, our agent programs give you complete
step by step instructions and  provide all the basic techniques you need to start
booking tours, cruises, airlines, hotels, and rental cars. We give you all the training you
Become an Elite Agent or Free Agent

    Our Elite Agent Program is for new or experienced agents who want grow their own home based travel business. You plan to build your business, and client base
    and will receive the standard agent commission, which is 75%. We believe that you need all the tools and support available to you from your very first day. That's why
    we include absolutely everything you need to be successful as an independent travel agent, start up for your home travel business is 497.00 no monthly fees ever,
    yearly renewal is 150.00.

     Our Free Agent program is for new agents, or very part time agents, your only cost is E&O insurance 129.00 per year. and you receive 50%
USA residents only,  you must be in the United States or Canada. (Some areas of Canada do not allow people to have home travel agencies so be sure to check your
licensing if located in Canada)  We cannot take agents internationally due to licensing.
I am very excited to be a home
based Travel Agent and want to
share with EVERYONE how to
“Make A Living…Living!”  Believe
me, it's way better than making a
living grinding, working overtime,
and driving in traffic!!!  

Becoming a travel agent will save
you money on travel, too!  I have
never had so much fun.  

Not only am I making money in the
booming travel business, the
WORLD (about to double in the
next 10 years because of the
Baby Boomers) but I've also been
traveling more than ever and
helping others make their dreams
come true.

Learning how to make a great
living in this awful economy, and
even making some great new
friends and business partners, too.

Becoming a travel agent from
home has truly changed my life as
I know it will for you too!

Join us and become a travel agent
from home today! Start Your Own
Travel Business now, we will show
you how!
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