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3 Days and 2 Nights
Deluxe accommodations Imperial Palace $42.00

This vacation  entitles you and your guest to a 3 day  and 2 night mid
week stay, in Fabulous Las Vegas at the Imperial Palace! *
* Also included $ 500 in Casino Benefits!

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travel plans. Holidays and peak seasons are difficult to get. This offer
can not be used for group travel.
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Las Vegas is a true original; there is nothing else like it in the world. In
other cities, hotels are built near the major attractions. Here, the hotels
are the major attractions.
Las Vegas can be whatever a visitor wants, and for a few days, a visitor
can be whatever he or she wants. Just be prepared to leave all
touchstones with reality behind. Here, you will rise at noon and gorge
on endless amounts of rich food at 3am.
Once you get to Vegas, you'll want to come back again, if only to make
sure you didn't dream it all. It's not just the casinos with their nonstop
action and sound, the almost-blinding lights, or the buildings that seek
to replicate some other reality (Paris, Venice, New York, ancient Egypt).
It's not the mountains of shrimp at the buffets, the wedding chapels
that will gladly unite two total strangers in holy wedlock, or the promise
of free money. It's the whole package. It's Frank and Dino and Sammy.
It's Elvis -- the Fat Years.
Oh, the gambling? Yep, there's plenty of that. Let's not kid ourselves:
Gambling is the main attraction of Vegas. The rest -- the buffets, the
shows, the cartoonish buildings -- is so much window dressing to lure
you and your money to the city. But even a non-gambler can have a
perfectly fine time in Vegas
Enjoy a FABULOUS  & FANTASTIC Vegas Getaway!!  wonderful days of,
sightseeing and shopping, along with all the glitz and glamor of the

Book your entire Las Vegas vacation in one location. Find a flight, find a
room and pack your gear. How about
Vegas Honeymoon?  Elvis

The shows, casinos,  
helicoptor rides, rollercoasters, near by Lake
Mead, the Grand
Canyon Sky Walk, Hoover Dam tour and countless
other attractions in Las Vegas!! Vegas
Bachelorette party package, or
VIP dinner at the  
Eiffel Tower Restaurant... the possibilities are endless

Book Your deluxe Las Vegas Vacation
There is no need to spend a fortune in Las Vegas on food. You can still
have a good meal for a lot less than you think without being forced to
eat at the buffets.

If you spend some time during the day checking out the free attractions
you can utilize the night time hours for your gambling bug. Walking up
and down the strip is easily the best thing to do and it is completely
free. As you walk take a break at each of these attractions and get your
money's worth.